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Kompact is a free Kirby CMS theme. Built with a minimalistic approach in mind, so you can focus on the content. Download it for free or just fork it on Github. You can also check out some of my premium themes.

  • Go to the Panel to give Kirby's admin interface a try
  • Check out the docs and start building your own site
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  • Get in contact if you need support.

Have fun with Kirby!

erster testpost

natürlich sollte man den ersten post wenigstens halbwegs spannend beginnen. sonst springen ja direkt wieder alle ab. sollte man wohl.

Content in Kirby

How content is stored In Kirby, content is stored within the /content directory, where every page is a folder. Pages can be nested, so every of those pages/folders may also contain subfolders. Take this blog demo for example; all posts are just subfolders of the blog folder. This comes ...

Licensing Kirby

As you probably already know, Kirby is a commercial product. You can try it as long as you want on your local machine and the source code is available on GitHub. But as soon as your want to use Kirby in production, you need to purchase a license. To keep ...

Extending Kirby

Kirby comes as a clean package, aiming to provide you with a useful toolkit to get started with. But it it is also very modular and extensible. Rather than providing a solution to every imaginable problem out of the box, Kirby prefers to let you decide which features your project ...

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